How to escape?

This is the most difficult feat in thinking–how to escape from your CVS (Current View of the Situation). SOT’s First Ten Lessons are designed to help you to ESCAPE with the help of the virtual SOT Escape Committee. The SOT Escape Committee consists of myself and the following teachers:

Leonardo Da Vinci
Albert Einstein
Elizabeth Spelke
Douglas Adams
Irshad Manji
Maria Spiropulu
Richard Hoggart
Edward de Bono and
Sir Ken Robinson.

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The Victorian International School of Sharjah opens in September.

With classes taught in English, the school will cater for both local and expatriate children and will initially take students from kindergarten to year 9 before expanding into year 10 to 12 in 2008.

Both the VCE and Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS) will be offered at the coeducational school, which will eventually cater for 2600 students.

Artist's impression of the school.

Michael Hewitt-Gleeson, Peter Cosgrove, John Tickell and other leading Australian speakers will work with more than 200 of Australia’s business people and thought-leaders at a unique workshop on the Gold Coast next weekend.


Your Business Success Seminar
Sheraton Mirage, Gold Coast
Friday 3 August — Sunday 5 August 2007

“In the twenty years I have been in the corporate speakers business I have never seen a seminar post a line-up as strong as this.” Barry Markoff, CEO – ICMI Speakers & Entertainers

BOOK RESERVATIONS HERE: The Your Business Success program on Channel 9 has seen many struggling businesses and sometimes the only reason they are not succeeding is due to the mindset of the operator.

“Before I could put my name to this seminar I needed to be convinced it offered substance and the right ingredients to allow all attendees to receive real take home benefits for their business.” Andrew Vincent, Executive Producer – Your Business Success, Channel 9, every Sunday.


Bryan Holliday sent in the following quote which has appeared in different contexts. He saw it recently in Life’s a Pitch, a book by Stephen Bayley and Roger Mavity.

The quote is: “Most people believe they’re thinking when they’re really rearranging their prejudices.”