In 1981, at the United Nations in Manhattan, I was a co-founder with René Dubos and Richard St. Barbe Baker of the Children of the Green Earth Society.

The purpose of this intitiative was to try to broaden the public understanding of the fundamental threat to the green planet.

images-1.jpeg Our trees are our friends because they give us oxygen, so the idea we came up with was this: that every human child could plant a pet tree.

If you’d like to be considered for membership in the Children of the Green Earth Society click here and post the following information:

1. What is the name of your tree? What do you call your tree?

2. Where is your tree? What district or town is it in?

3. When did you last hug your tree? Or, at least, visit your tree?

One thought on “Who in their right mind would plant a pet tree?

  1. Wonderful idea…. just that I think we should call the tree a companion or friend rather than a pet which kind of has a patronizing ring to it.

    Trees and plant life in a way are the highest form of evolution. As most animal life and humans too seek an existence free of the need to exert. Resting forms the ultimate form of relaxation most times. Well here we have the trees….. with no need to move and taking passively from whatever is available, and giving off what is neccesary for all life around. It would be premature to suppose such a connected “being” is without a soul. Maybe trees stand in one place and are connected to the whole universe.

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