I was in Sri Lanka last week conducting a series of masterclasses in a leadership retreat for Marie Stopes International and their country leaders.

In one session I was asked the following excellent question: “If you could only ever teach just one thing about ‘thinking’ what would it be?”

Based on my experience, I’m quite clear on that question and my answer was one word, “Escape!”

When I first put forward the idea of designing a selection of ‘thinking caps’ to teach thinking the strategy was that in order to use, say, Cap #2 the thinker first had to remove (or escape from) Cap#1. This is one of the most difficult skills in thinking and is indeed what defines a skilled thinker: someone who can escape from their current point-of-view.

Escape! Escape! Escape!

Recently I was asked to teach a class at Brighton Grammar how to use the Thinking Hats (based on Edward de Bono’s six hat version) so I selected two hats–the black and the green hats–and drilled the students in the skill of removing the black hat first. Once you are able to remove the hat you are wearing (usually the black hat) then you are free to select any of the other hats. But, if you cannot escape from your current hat then you are not free to use a different one.

The same strategy applies to the Universal Brain Software–CVS to BVS. If you cannot escape from your CVS then you cannot move to a BVS.

Yes, thinking skill is all about ESCAPE.

15 thoughts on “The Great ‘Escape’

  1. I think another huge problem is to know when escape and when stop to do it and just go along. Because you may be on the best way and further escape can harm you.

  2. I dont have a problem with practicing CVS2BVS at all. It is becoming a second nature to me now.
    Thus everytime I have to do and think of something, I ask myself to think first what to think.This process organise my line of thinking step
    by step.

  3. […] How to escape? This is the most difficult feat in thinking–how to escape from your CVS (Current View of the Situation). SOT’s First Ten Lessons are designed to help you to ESCAPE with the help of the virtual SOT Escape Committee. The SOT Escape Committee consists of myself and the following teachers: – Leonardo Da Vinci – Albert Einstein – Elizabeth Spelke – Douglas Adams – Irshad Manji – Maria Spiropulu – Richard Hoggart – Edward de Bono and – Sir Ken Robinson. […]

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