7 thoughts on “Do you want to see the best pictures in the universe?

  1. I love this sort of thing, I have some of the collention already on my desktop. I love the feeling of being part of an incredible astounding universe, I love the perspective it gives me

    Isn’t it funny but like looking at waves in the surf or walking in rainforest, you never get sick of looking at these type of images

  2. You have touched my heart, I have always been interested in our view of the universe. They are breath taking. I do wonder why some pictures have areas that are incomplete ie: pictures #8,18,24,76,81,134,140 etc.

  3. Well done Michael. I have always loved these. It staggers me to think of the limitless possibilities out there and how when we often think we’re stuck or have done it all that in contrast to the beauty and wonder of the universe each of us has only scratched the surface.

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