It’s virtually impossible to get knowledge-workers to do their job much better than they are currently doing in their environment.

Why? Because, in order to ensure their survival, people behave intelligently according to their environment. This is why exhortation doesn’t work. It’s also why ‘productivity drives’ are not lasting. It’s why ‘innovation training’ so often fails to take hold.

Unless their environment makes it intelligent behaviour to offer innovation then knowledge-workers just won’t do so. People may wear the badges, parrot the slogans and mantras but if their managers, workplace, tools and metrics do not provide them an innovation environment then they cannot do their jobs any better than they are currently doing in that environment.

Thought-leaders like GOOGLE and PIXAR are obvious example of companies that have reached and gone beyond their itpoe.

What is itpoe?

itpoe = the innovation tipping point of the enterprise


Getting to itpoe             itpoe           itpoe and beyond

Below the itpoe threshold an enterprise cannot be said to be an innovation environment. Once itpoe has been reached then the enterprise IS an innovation environment and so the people in that environment will find that it is now intelligent behaviour to offer innovation. And, naturally they do so.

Getting to itpoe & the itpoe audit.

Ask yourself these questions about your own enterprise:
• How would you rate your innovation environment? Pre or post itpoe?
• How are you getting to itpoe?
• How close are you to your itpoe?
• When will you get there?
• How do you know?
• What metrics do you use?
• Who cares?

These and other itpoe questions are occupying the minds and driving the strategies of the leaders of enterprise innovation.

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